Photo: Ouest France
Photo: Ouest France


"[...] Il a été brillant. C’est la fraîcheur de la jeunesse qui a séduit. Il ira très loin. [...]" 


— Philippe Vert, Ouest France



"[...] we already now noticed that an artist, which shows individuality and authenticity, is before us [...]"


— Tamara Maljković, Kulturni krugovi, Radio Beograd



"[...] The winner was the 16 year old Serb Pavle Krstic, who performed with technical sovereignty and with brilliant and lyrical expression [...]"


— C.F.Pichler, Dolomiten



"[...] The young pianist interpreted them virtuously, but gently, almost etherically, pearly, with tastefully measured rubatos and without any dynamic brutality, in wide gradation arches [...]"


— Gordana Krajačić, Književne novine



"[...] And exactly that serious, thought out and dramatically worked out and musical in a measured way, stylistically appropriate interpretation, with the right rubatos and cesuras for Chopin, which breathes with delicately nuanced phrases, is a result of the individuality of the pianistic sensibility of Pavle Krstic [...]"


— Marija Adamov, Dnevnik Novi Sad



"[...] who performs even the most demanding works with ease, composure, and high level of preparation. [...]"


— Marija Adamov, Dnevnik Novi Sad